You may know him from his Hollywood film appearances in Casino, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Primal Fear, and Dante’s Peak. Or perhaps you’ll recognize him from his countless television appearances in hits like House of Cards, Madame Secretary, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Brian Reddy has been a WORKING actor for forty years in film, television, and live theatre. He has worked on some of the top regional theatre stages in the country including The Guthrie and Arena Stage. He performed in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway alongside Hollywood favorite Scarlett Johansson. This past fall the Georgia Repertory Theatre hosted a symposium for the CSU Theatre Department students. They had the opportunity to ask Brian questions about transitioning from education to the real world, maintaining a career in this fickle field, budgeting for the future, and many more topics.

CSU Faculty with Brian Reddy after the Symposium
CSU Students gather with Brian Reddy after the Symposium