With 450 performances annually seeing 160,000 patrons each year, the Georgia Repertory Theatre is bringing world class entertainment to the people of Columbus and the Southeast region.

The Georgia Repertory Theatre is a transformative partnership between Columbus State University’s Department of Theatre and the Springer Opera House

GRT is a professional Teaching Theatre – preparing students to make a rapid and successful transition into professional theatre work. While receiving first-class training in all theatre disciplines, students have the opportunity to practice their craft alongside America’s top theatre practitioners and to graduate with professional resume credits.

With a combined 220,000 square foot theatre campus in beautiful downtown Columbus, GRT has a unique opportunity to capitalize on investments already made in state of the art facilities and expand education and programming within the walls of the Springer Opera House as well as the Riverside Theatre at CSU.
CSU Riverpark Theatre
Historic Springer Opera House

With its united resources, the Georgia Repertory Theatre will have the capability to showcase theatrical productions of the highest artistic excellence while offering innovative community services that will impact countless national and local institutions.

CSU Alumni currntly on Springer Staff

This formal partnership has already yielded great results. In addition to a strong CSU graduate presence among the full-time staff at the Springer Opera House, there are also numerous internships each season, connecting current students to professional productions. Current students are receiving performance opportunities alongside paid professionals to learn while doing from some of America’s finest actors. This partnership has also yielded positive results outside the confines of the collegiate community. GRT has done some great work in each of our planned impact areas.

The Georgia Repertory Theatre will have a strong presence in four different ways:

Economic Impact

  • This can be seen with the budding Film Industry Development taking place in Columbus.
  • GRT Summer Theatre Festival (CLICK HERE for upcoming production details)
  • A National Audience Development Conference to be held in Columbus making Columbus GROUND ZERO in the world of Audience Development and innovation.

Artistic Impact

  • Enhanced Production Values
  • Automation and Intelligent Lighting Systems

Educational Impact

  • Celebrity and Industry Residencies
  • Workforce Development with CSU Theatre Department students making them WORK READY upon graduation.

Community Impact

  • Free theatre performances and bus transportation for all 29 Title 1 schools in MCSD
  • Teacher Guides
  • Subsidized tickets for EVERY student.